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Nova436H Helium Bundle Kit


Nova436H Helium Bundle Kit (Nova436H + FreedomFi Gateway)

The Baicells Nova436H is the second outdoor CBRS small cell, plug-and-play certified for the FreedomFi Gateway following Nova430H. Nova436H is powered by a standard AC adapter and supports 1 optical (SFP) and 1 RJ-45 Ethernet interface (1 GE). The base station is pre-configured to operate in Carrier Aggregation mode for optimal downlink performance. Unlike any CBRS small cell in the industry. *External antennas are required and sold separately through Baicells-certified distributors.

Please Mention During Checkout the Region where you will use the equipment.

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The Nova436H Helium Bundle Kit is currently only available in the United States. The package contains one FreedomFi Gateway and one Baicells Nova436H – pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware.

Besides the base station and the gateway, this outdoor bundle kit comes with one free Carrier-Aggregation license key, 1-year FreedomFi firmware support, and 1-year SAS fee coverage. The antenna is INCLUDED!

How it Works?

Baicells has partnered with FreedomFi to deliver a plug-and-play cellular base station, compatible with a FreedomFi Gateway, so you can provide long-range outdoor, cellular coverage for your Helium network. Simply install the Nova436H that’s pre-provisioned with FreedomFi firmware on top of a rooftop or other tall structure and plug it into your FreedomFi Gateway. The Gateway will connect to the base station and begin generating HNT.


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