Cooldragon currently accepts Digital Currency Only : BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT  , but please note that PayPal no longer accepted (PayPal forbidden us sell/buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency miners and we could not receive payment by PayPal anymore )  .

Once an order is placed and a payment method is selected, the user will receive an invoice with instructions on how to complete their payment or for crypto payments an onsite payment QR code will be generated. For wire payments, payment must be received within 1 hour  after the receipt of the invoice.

For BTC,ETH,USDC,USDT crypto transfers, payment must be received and at least one confirmation within 60 minutes after the invoice is generated or the order will cancel. Crypto invoices will expire after this time frame due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates. The Order will be cancelled if payment is not received timely. Once payment is received through Wire or through BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT transfer, the Order will be confirmed and Buyers will receive a confirmation email record the transaction.

Goods shipped from Shenzhen/China and HongKong/China directly and we have very good connections with many manufacturers. We are China based company ,please be feel free to contact us if you have interest to distribute miners in your local and welcome to mass order .

We often use UPS/Fedex/DHL/FAREX/TNT etc.It generally takes 10-15 business days for delivery. If any question about the shipping, please contact the administrator about details.

We have our own cooperated forwarder who is very experienced in shipping and always decrease value to avoid high custom duty ,it  always has low custom or even no custom duty in generally ,most countries is ok ,but all depends policies in your local custom and pls let us know if custom has special policies in your local ,we will assistance you to do custom clearance with low value declared customized invoices .

For mass orders ,we will split them into many batches with the same way to avoid high custom duties .

Our biggist market is USA and Russia which shipment/customs is easy there.(Russia often DDP)

Considering most supplier could not support ship to Middle East and Southeast Asia countries ( mining hardware is very sensitive in local custom) but we got so many enquiry from these countries ,so Cooldragon cooperated with some powerful shippers who are experienced in shipping to these conuntries and opened special green shipping channels to these countries ( without any custom issues and low custom duty ,even including custom clearance ) countries including Iran ,Turkey ,Dubai ,Indonesia ,Malaysia ,India Pakistan ,Thailand and so on .

Here Dubai, Malaysia, Singapre customs clearance is easy.

All new products from Cooldragon are brand new condition with official manufacturers’ warranty. Cooldraong do not offer any warranty on a used product. The only warranty available on any items sold at Cooldragon will be through the manufacturer of the hardware. Please be sure to review the warranty policy per manufacturer and product.

Refunds are available only if a Dealer fails to ship the products. Cooldragon will not issue a refund on a product that is received in sub-satisfactory or faulty condition, or for any failures by the Dealer to deliver on time. Please review the individual dealer’s refund policy or warranty, as that may be your only potential method of financial, legal or property recovery in the event you are not completely satisfied with your order except as otherwise listed in these Terms. If a refund must be made it will be in $USD for the original dollar amount of the product at the time of sale.